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Liturgy Schedule

Divine Liturgy - 10:30 AM

 Below are the Rules/Guidelines to be followed for attending Liturgy at the church. 
**Liturgy will still be livestreamed via our Facebook Page here**

Guidelines for our Churches following the pandemic

In keeping with advice from the CDC, and the local authorities, the following guidelines replace previous Covid rules.


1) A mask should be worn by anyone distributing communion or assisting to distribute communion.

2) The celebrant should use precautions when handling the gifts or singing or speaking near the gifts. These precautions may include wearing a mask, keeping the gifts covered, standing at a distance from the altar, and sterilizing the hands before touching the gifts.

3) The clergy should not drink out of the same chalice that is used for distribution before distribution. They may use a separate chalice, or receive by intinction.

4) Distribution of communion should continue using single-use spoons, either individual metal spoons that are sterilized, or spoons that can be burned.

5) Beginning Friday, May 28, people in the congregation are not required to wear a mask. People are free to wear a mask for personal protection or as a courtesy to the vulnerable.

6) People are still encouraged to practice safe distancing in the pews.

7) No one should ask whether or not someone is vaccinated.

8) Your local laws may supersede these. Your pastor will inform you if that is the case.


Dispensation from the obligation to attend Divine Liturgy on Sunday or Saturday evening


1) Keep in mind, the bishop cannot dispense from Divine Law. The Ten Commandments require us to keep the Lord’s Day holy. From the beginning, Christians have obeyed this commandment by attending the Eucharist on Sunday, the day of the Resurrection. We are also required by Divine Law to refrain from work if possible and to avoid commerce if possible.


2) Beginning on Sunday, June 6, the dispensation from attending the Divine Liturgy is revoked within the Eparchy of Passaic. Watching a livestream does not fulfill the obligation to attend the Eucharist.

3) Just as before the pandemic, anyone is relieved of the obligation for a serious reason such as sickness, immobility, fear, caring for someone else, to protect your own health or the health of others.


Most Rev. Kurt Burnette

Bishop of Passaic

May 26, 2021

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